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Mirror Mount Installation Instructions

Posted by John Keezer on

Our Mirror Mount device bracket can be installed at home in about five minutes, and is compatible with most vehicles.

Here's a link to a YouTube Installation video:


1. Install your device bracket onto the lower "7-hole" portion of the mount using the 2 supplied short screws and allen key tool. Different device brackets are supplied for different devices, so your bracket may vary from the one in the video.

2. Remove one of the two screws from the clamp portion of the Mirror Mount, and loosen the other one.

3. Slide the clamp over your mirror's base, this is the portion that goes between the mirror and the glass. Mounting to this portion of the mirror will keep your bracket in position, even when the mirror is adjusted for different drivers.

4. Insert the second screw, and tighten them evenly using the supplied allen key. Longer screws are supplied for vehicles with larger mirror bases, try to use the shortest possible screws, to increase clearance for adjustment.

5. Slide your device into the Mirror Mount bracket, and adjust into position while tightening the two side knobs by hand. Once in position, tighten the side knobs fully using the supplied allen key tool.

6. Optional, power your device using a Direct Wire, or Mirror Wire, power cable, available from our store.

If you have any installation questions we're here to help, feel free to email us, cs@performancepackage.com

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