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The Best Mounting Position for your Radar Detector

Posted by John Keezer on

Getting the best performance from your radar detector requires a well-thought-out installation, our products have been designed, and improved, over years to get the earliest possible warning from your detector, regardless of brand.

Mounting your radar detector from the rearview mirror provides it with excellent lines of sight for both forward-facing, and rear-facing signals. If you do the math, mounting your detector one foot higher on your windshield gives you a few tenths of a mile extra, perhaps more than one half of a mile, of range, compared to mounting it on the dash. This increased detection range gives you more time to slow down for upcoming situations, and more reaction time when it is most important.

In addition, a high line of sight allows your detector to "see" through the windows of the vehicles in front of you, further increasing range and sensitivity. Mounting your detector against the very top of your windshield may result in a compromised ability to detect signals, due to tint strips, or antennas installed by many manufacturers in your vehicles glass. Also, mounting to the visor or top of of the windshield often results in a poor rear visibility situation. Mounting your detector high, but not too high, provides the best balance of detection range, without compromise.

Your vehicles designers placed your rearview mirror in the perfect space for easy visibility to you, the driver, to reduce the time your eyes are off the road. It's the perfect place for your radar detector for this reason, and also for the increased range and performance this location offers.

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