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Featured Integration Solutions

  • Mirror Mounts

    Secure your device with our all metal bracket, designed for a quick DIY installation. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your detector will never fall off your windscreen.

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  • Mirror Wires

    Effortlessly power your device in minutes using RadarMount's Mirror Wire power cord. No need for additional connectors or complicated installations.

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  • Direct Wires

    Experience the ultimate clean integration for your Radar Detector with our Radar Mount Direct Wire power cord. Hardwire to your car's fuse box for a seamless and professional installation.

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Perfection is on our Radar! has led the radar detector accessories industry in cost-effective device mounting solutions and power cords since the introduction of our patented Mirror Mount ™ bracket in 2011. Experience first-hand the perfect blend of form and function with our innovative designs, which are constantly evolving to suit new vehicles, new devices, and new challenges.

Say goodbye to unreliable plastic mounts, and upgrade to durable, high-quality materials to secure and power your device. If something does happen to your bracket, our amazing customer support team is always there to help, no matter how old your bracket is.

Our innovative brackets and power solutions are crafted to provide the perfect fit for almost any application, so you can avoid the hassle and uncertainty of searching for vehicle specific fitting applications. We have created a better fit through better design, and pass the savings of mass production on to you. All products can be returned for any reason within 30-days, so there is no risk to our customers.

You can also rest easy knowing your radar detector bracket can be easily upgraded in the future, or transferred to a new vehicle. Our products are designed for long-term use. If your bracket outlasts your car or your radar detector simply purchase a new retention clip and continue using your existing mount. Available under "Parts and Accessories"